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School Board of Management

The Board of Management (BOM) at Rockwell College comprises eight individuals who are appointed by the Spiritian Education Trust. Among these, four members are nominated by the trust itself, while two parents are nominated by the parent body, and an additional two teachers are selected by the teaching staff of the college. Operating under the purview of the 1998 Education Act, the Board of Management is answerable both to the College Trustees and the Minister for Education.

Delegating the day-to-day operational responsibilities to the Principal, the Board of Management remains instrumental in the governance of the institution. Each Board of Management serves for a three-year term, with the current term scheduled to conclude in October 2024.

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Board Members

Chairperson: Mr Michael Morrissey

Secretary: Ms Audrey O’Byrne

Board Members:

Mrs Marion Flanagan

Mr Tom Meaghar

Mr Cyril Kavanagh

Mr Pat Egan

Mr Michael Doyle

Mrs Katia Hunter

Mr Grant Dowling