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Rockwell College pupils celebrate record Junior Cycle results, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. Among the 65,000 pupils receiving Junior Cycle results across Ireland last Wednesday, four Rockwell College students stood out with exceptional results: Kate Flanagan (Kilkenny), Ruby Hall (Fethard), George Seery (Cahir), and Conor Smith (Kilfeacle), each achieving a remarkable seven Distinction grades (90% or above) in their examinations. This exceptional performance is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our students and the unwavering support of our teaching staff.

The Challenge of Grade Deflation:

Recent years have seen concerns about grade deflation in the Junior Cycle, with only 4% of students nationally achieving distinctions. The common-level papers have faced criticism for their difficulty, and the lack of choice in questions has added to student frustration.

As highlighted in a recent article in The Irish Times by Breda O'Brien on October 22, 2023, titled "What Is Going On with Bizarre Grade Deflation in the Junior Cert?," the low percentage of distinctions in the Junior Cycle exams has raised concerns about the fairness and rigor of the grading system.

Rockwell College's Exceptional Results:

Rockwell College's commitment to excellence has yielded remarkable results:

We are thrilled to have achieved a 10% distinction rate, significantly exceeding the national average. This reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education and our students' dedication to excellence.

Factors Behind the Success:

Several factors contribute to Rockwell College's remarkable performance:

A Model for Educational Excellence:

Rockwell College's impressive results serve as an inspiration for other educational institutions and students nationwide. They demonstrate that, even in a challenging environment of grade deflation and educational reform, success is attainable with the right combination of factors.

Special Mention and Remarkable Results:

🌟 A special mention to Kate Flanagan (Kilkenny), Ruby Hall (Fethard), George Seery (Cahir), and Conor Smith (Kilfeacle), each achieving a remarkable seven Distinction grades (90% or above) in their examinations! 🏆 They are truly deserving of this well-earned recognition. All four students are currently thriving in Transition Year at Rockwell College.

📈 More remarkable results from Rockwell College include:

In total, 54% of the results issued in Rockwell were Higher Merit or better. This extraordinary achievement sets a new standard for educational excellence. 📊📚

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Rockwell Residence Newsletter June 2023

As we approach the end of another school year I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you parents and agents for your undaunting support to us in looking after and caring for your children. On behalf of all residence staff it has been a pleas-ure to look after your children and to help to mould them into responsible, mature young adults. It hasn’t always been without the odd hiccup but the present crop of residential students have been an excellent group to work with and we will miss the de-parture of the 6th. Year block and also the overseas students re-turning home to continue their academic journey. We look for-ward to the new year in September when we welcome back our present cohort of students, along with the new arrivals, both male and female to our campus. I am enclosing some pictures of the refurbishment of a former staff room into new showers and toilets for 1st. And 2nd. year girls. The new paint colour which will be on the walls and doors has been selected by the girls.

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Rockwell Residence Newsletter May 2023

I wish to take this opportunity to inform you that the Board of Management of Rockwell College and the Spiritan Education Trust have made a decision to introduce on-site boarding for girls in Rockwell College from this September 2023. This step has been part of the plan for the future of Rockwell College for many years now and it greatly welcomed by us here. This introduction of girlsboarding will mean that the girls will now be offered a place within the Residence. This will enable them to engage fully in the Residential lifestyle and to avail of all the facilities throughout the weekend. Presently the East Wing is being refurbished with this in mind. New toilets and showers are being installed for 1st. and 2nd. year girls which will augment the existing facilities.

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Parents’ information pack for incoming first year parents

What’s included in your child’s Wriggle Technology Bundle?

• Lenovo 300w Gen 3 (AMD 4/128GB) - €529

• Heavy Duty Case - €50

• Wriggle Services and Support for 3 years - €120.

• Device Management license included.

• Educational apps (chosen by school) preloaded to your device.

• FREE access to 100s of short training videos in safely using technology for learning for parents and students on Wriggle Connect.

• Insurance offering available at time of purchase or alternatively at insurance-repairs/.

Download the Wriggle Parents' Information Pack here

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Rockwell Residence Newsletter March 2023

Boarders activities.

Boxing has been introduced to the Residence on Sundays under the tutelage of the highly experienced Colin Meagher from Clonmel Boxing Club. A number of our 6th. Years have become involved in learning the techniques and a very valuable self defence program. This activity will run for the next seven weeks from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

Our Residence dog Mc.Ginty with Josephine, Anna Sophie and Kotoha. Mc.Ginty has transformed the lives of a lot of our residents. The girls love taking him for walks in the evening when there are no activities on.

Mc. Ginty is making an excellent detective. Recently when students were trying to sneak into the residence behind the Dean’s back without permission Mc. Ginty alerted the dean by getting up, walking in their direction wagging his tail.


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Rockwell Residence Newsletter February 2023

Boarders weekend trips and activities. 

On Saturday, 4th. February at 17.00 four of our 7 day boarders went to Semple stadium after shopping in the Dunnes Stores Shopping Centre and LIDL to witness Tipperary’s demolition of Laois in the National Hurling League first round. Our overseas students, male and female, were intrigued by the intricate skills involved in hurling. On our return to the school we stopped off at McDonalds to eat. Hopefully, they will bring back some of the experience and knowledge gleaned and, who knows, maybe in time, set up internationals in our native sport. 

On Monday 6th. February, St. Brigid’s Day, we took a trip to Cork to the Mardyke complex and played pool and bowling, returning to Rockwell at 17.00, following a great day’s entertainment.* 

Monday, 16th. January was a Junior Cycle Cluster day where staff were involved in Junior Cycle in service. On this day, experienced staff member, Ray Merrigan, ran an archery day with 5 targets which allowed two students shooting at each target at a time. 

Previously, in December our boarders weekend trip involved ice skating in Fota Island, followed by Christmas shopping in Mahon Point to purchase items for their Kris Kindle. 

Earlier in first term our boarders went to Ballyhass adventure park near Mallow where they had fun on the water slides, high ropes and in the lake wearing wet suits. 

Back in September a barbeque was held in the Residence garden for 100+ boarders to help all new students integrate. This was a beautiful autumn night with music provided by the overseas students. 

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Senior Cycle Open Night 2023 March 23rd 2023

On Tuesday, March 23rd Rockwell College holds its annual Senior Cycle Open Night. The event is an opportunity for pupils who are considering a move to Rockwell College for TY or 5th year to meet the Principal and staff, see the College and boarding Residence, find out about our TY programme and our range of 5th year subject options.

Prospective and current parents and pupils will be welcome at 6:30pm.

Pat Egan (TY Coordinator) will present on TY at Rockwell College Edel O’Callaghan (Guidance Counsellor) will present on what to consider when making subject choices for the Leaving Certificate. Conor Demond (Deputy Principal) will address the group on the subject selection process.

Teachers from a range of subject areas will be available to discuss their subject at Leaving Certificate level.

Prospective boarding parents and pupils will have an opportunity to view the Residence and meet with the Residence Manager.

There is no requirement to register for this event, but you are welcome to Contact Us (see Homepage) if you have any questions or if you wish to confirm you are attending.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rockwell College


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Boarders Christmas Day Out

On Sunday, 11th. December the boarding boys and girls of Rockwell College continued their programme of weekend activities with a trip to Cork. Ice skating in Fota was followed by a shopping trip to Mahon Shopping Centre. On return to the College they all enjoyed their Boarders' Christmas Dab. Our overseas boarders will be getting ready for a trip home at Christmas next week.



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Congratulations to Our Junior Cycle Class of 2022

Congratulations to the Junior Cycle class of 2022 who finally received their results on November 23rd. There was high excitement in anticipation of the results, which were distributed by the Principal at 9am on the day. The sense of achievement was palpable for all the candidates. It was a particularly special day for Anastasia Mazur and Paul T Maher, who were both awarded Distinctions in an incredible six subjects, with Higher Merits in four others. Congratulations to all our pupils on an excellent set of results. It was fitting recognition for all your hard work.


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