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Ms. Edel O' Callaghan holds the position of guidance counsellor at Rockwell College. Her role, as a part of the student support team, is to provide counselling support for pupils of Rockwell College and to advise on academic development. Ms O' Callaghan works closely with the college Chaiplan, the college SENCo and the senior management team to ensure the highest quality of care and support for our students.

As guidance counsellor Ms. O'Callagahan also advises pupils on academic development including subject choice, Third Level options, CAO, UCAS and DARE applications.

To contact our Guidance Counsellor email:

Boarders might choose to speak to:

The Residence Deans

The Residence Manager

The College Chaplain

The Deputy Principal or Principal

The Nursing Staff

The Guidance Counsellor

Rockwell College supports the concept of “One Good Adult”- that every student should have an adult in the College or Residence that they can turn to. This may also be a coach, a teacher or any adult staff member that they feel comfortable speaking with. In addition to adult support, Prefects are appointed to all year groups within the College and also within the Residence. These pupils can be a useful support and intermediary for pupils with concerns.

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