Rockwell College


Rockwell Residence Newsletter March 2023

Boarders activities.

Boxing has been introduced to the Residence on Sundays under the tutelage of the highly experienced Colin Meagher from Clonmel Boxing Club. A number of our 6th. Years have become involved in learning the techniques and a very valuable self defence program. This activity will run for the next seven weeks from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

Our Residence dog Mc.Ginty with Josephine, Anna Sophie and Kotoha. Mc.Ginty has transformed the lives of a lot of our residents. The girls love taking him for walks in the evening when there are no activities on.

Mc. Ginty is making an excellent detective. Recently when students were trying to sneak into the residence behind the Dean’s back without permission Mc. Ginty alerted the dean by getting up, walking in their direction wagging his tail.


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