Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care & Support at Rockwell College

At Rockwell College, we are very fortunate in having a large number of adults to whom pupils and their families may turn if they feel something needs to be sorted out or if they have any suggestions. In the College and Residence, pupils’ views are sought and respected, regarding any matters relating to their lives within the school, both informally throughout the day-to-day contact with individual staff and more formally through discussion forums, or via Student Leadership.

There may be times when a pupil is facing difficulties or a boarder feels unhappy about being away from home. If this arises, then the most important thing to stress is that they should seek out an adult with whom they feel they can discuss it.

Our staff in the College and Residence are always available to talk if there are any concerns, be these about the College in general, or about managing life as a boarder. Most issues can be quickly and smoothly resolved. The concerns may be of a more serious nature, and of course, in such cases, the College Principal or Residence Manager may be consulted.


For most pupils, the first point of contact at a time of difficulty is the College Chaplain Dr. Aishling Mulherin, who will engage in pastoral listening to support pupils. Depending on the support required, Dr. Mulherin may refer pupils to Ms Edel O’Callaghan our Guidance Counsellor or to other supports internally.

The Student Support Team comprises of senior management, Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor, Nurse, SEN Coordinator and Residence Manager. Weekly meetings of the Team ensure that communication takes place across all areas of the College to put in place the most appropriate supports for our pupils and boarders.


Pastoral Care Overview

  • A community of care 
  • Student Support Team: Chaplaincy Team, Guidance Counsellor, Nursing staff, SEN Coordinator and College & Resident Management  
  • Weekly Student Support Team Meeting  
  • Prefects for each Year Group in the College and for the Residence 
  • One to one meetings with new students  
  • Culture of positive relationships between students and staff 
  • Whole-school support for all – teachers as coaches, supervisors outside the classroom 
  • Full Day model aids the support of students  
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Boarders might choose to speak to:

The Deputy Principal or Principal

The Residence Manager or staff

The Chaplain

The Nursing Staff

The Guidance Counsellor

Rockwell College supports the concept of “One Good Adult”- that everyone should have an adult in the College or Residence that they can turn to. This may also be a coach, a teacher or any adult staff member that they feel comfortable speaking with. In addition to adult support, Prefects are appointed to all year groups within the College and also within the Residence. These pupils can be a useful support and intermediary for pupils with concerns.

Outside Support

There may be occasions when a boarder would prefer to speak to support outside of the Residence. Contact details will be available to boarders for Childline and the Ombudsman for Children. This is established good practice in any environment where children are resident. 


By phone: (24 hours a day) 1800 66 66 66

One to One live chat: (10am-4am every day)

Text: (10am-4am daily) Text ‘Talk to 50101 Text ‘Bully’ to 50101 Text ‘Help’ to 50101

Ombudsman for Children:

Phone: 01 865 6800


Address: Children’s Office Millennium House 52-56 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 DO1 F5P8

These contacts will be posted in good faith and to support pupils. Rockwell College will regard it as a serious breach of conduct if any pupil knowingly engages in malicious or erroneous contact with the above.


Senior pupils who display leadership qualities are chosen for this role and given areas of responsibility. Prefects take a pastoral role with younger pupils, promote the spirit of Rockwell College, give guidance and act as a supportive link between younger pupils and staff.