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Pastoral Care

Student Support at Rockwell College

Pastoral Care, Guidance and Support

Creating a Supportive Community

Rockwell College is fortunate to have a wealth of available adults ready to assist pupils and their families in addressing concerns or offering suggestions. Within both the College and Residence, we actively seek and value pupils' input, both informally through daily interactions with staff and formally via discussion forums and Student Leadership initiatives.

Navigating Challenges with Guidance

During times of difficulty or when boarders feel homesick, it's essential to emphasise the availability of supportive adults. Pupils are encouraged to connect with an adult they feel comfortable discussing their concerns with. Our staff in both the College and Residence are readily accessible for conversations, whether about general College matters or the unique experiences of being a boarder. Most issues find swift resolutions through open dialogue. For more complex concerns, the College Principal or Residence Manager can provide guidance.



For students facing challenges, their initial source of assistance is College Chaplain Dr. Aishling Mulherin (pictured). She provides essential pastoral listening to offer support to students in times of difficulty. Depending on the nature of the required support, Dr. Mulherin may direct students to Ms. Edel O’Callaghan, our dedicated Guidance Counsellor, or other available internal resources.

Comprising a range of key professionals, the Student Support Team includes senior management members, the Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor, Nurse, SEN Coordinator, and Residence Manager. The Team convenes on a weekly basis, facilitating comprehensive communication across all aspects of the College. This collaborative approach ensures the implementation of tailored and effective support systems for both our day students and boarders.


Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Edel O' Callaghan (pictured) holds the position of guidance counsellor at Rockwell College. Her role, as a part of the student support team, is to provide counselling support for pupils of Rockwell College and to advise on academic development. Ms O' Callaghan works closely with the college Chaiplan, the college SENCo and the senior management team to ensure the highest quality of care and support for our students.

As guidance counsellor Ms. O'Callagahan also advises pupils on academic development including subject choice, Third Level options, CAO, UCAS and DARE applications.

To contact Edel email:


Key Pillars of Support

  • Student Support Team: Comprising the Chaplaincy Team, Guidance Counsellor, Nursing staff, SEN Coordinator, and College & Residence Management, this team forms the backbone of our pastoral care.
  • Weekly Team Meeting: Regular meetings ensure a collaborative approach to supporting students, pooling insights and resources.
  • Year Group Prefects: Prefects offer peer support, fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging.
  • Personalised Connections: One-on-one meetings with new students facilitate a smooth transition into our community.
  • Positive Relationships: We foster a culture of positive interactions between students and staff.
  • Holistic Support: Our comprehensive full-day model ensures ample time for addressing various aspects of student well-being.

Through these initiatives, we uphold our commitment to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for all students at Rockwell College.

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Accessible Support Network

In the dynamic boarding environment of Rockwell College, assistance is always within reach. From the Deputy Principal and Principal to the Residence Manager, staff, Chaplain, Nursing Staff, and Guidance Counsellor, a dedicated team is here to help.

"One Good Adult"

The philosophy of "One Good Adult" is central to our approach. We understand the importance of having a dependable adult presence in the College or Residence, whether it's a teacher, coach, or any staff member you find approachable.

Supportive Prefects

Our Prefects, chosen from senior pupils displaying leadership qualities, serve as essential peer supporters across all year groups. They play a pastoral role, promoting the Rockwell College spirit, offering guidance, and bridging connections between younger students and staff.

At Rockwell College, we prioritise student well-being. With the "One Good Adult" ethos and the steadfast support of Prefects, we foster a community where assistance is readily available, ensuring a journey marked by comfort and personal development.

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External Support Resources

In certain instances, boarders may feel more comfortable seeking support beyond the Residence. To ensure comprehensive well-being, contact details for external resources like Childline and the Ombudsman for Children will be readily accessible to boarders. This practice aligns with established standards for resident environments involving children.


  • Phone (24/7): 1800 66 66 66
  • One to One Live Chat (10am-4am):
  • Text (10am-4am):
    • Text ‘Talk’ to 50101
    • Text ‘Bully’ to 50101
    • Text ‘Help’ to 50101

Ombudsman for Children:

  • Phone: 01 865 6800
  • Email:
  • Address: Children’s Office Millennium House 52-56 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 DO1 F5P8

It's important to highlight that these contacts are provided in good faith to support pupils. Rockwell College emphasizes that any intentional misuse or inappropriate engagement with the above contacts will be considered a serious breach of conduct.

At Rockwell College, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our students, ensuring they have access to trusted external resources whenever needed.

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Childline Ombudsman for Children Office Leadership Support Team