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Reporting and Collaborative Progress Assessment

Parents receive regular updates on their child's behaviour and academic progress throughout the academic year. Comprehensive term assessment results, including percentages and teacher comments, are sent home after the Christmas and Summer in-house examinations.

The school employs the VSWare College administration system to issue Periodic Assessments. These assessments provide insights into individual students' progress and behaviour in each subject class, and they are accessible to both students and parents. The Year Dean thoroughly reviews each report to ensure accuracy and understanding.

Avenues of Feedback

Maintaining a strong connection with students' learning journeys is emphasised, and this is achieved through consistent communication. Apart from interactions with the Year Deans, parents can expect the following avenues of feedback:

School Journal: The school journal is utilised to communicate information about test results or minor disciplinary matters. Teachers may request students to convey specific messages to parents through the School Journal.

Term Reports: At the conclusion of the Christmas and Summer examinations (and Mock Exams for 6th and 3rd Year students), Rockwell College issues comprehensive Term Reports. These reports include feedback from teachers regarding the child's progress.

Periodic Assessments: Throughout the academic year, Periodic Assessment Notes are delivered via the VSWare system. These succinct reports focus on recognising a student's engagement and effort in a subject, rather than solely presenting grades or percentages. Following the issuance of these reports, meetings are organised with the Year group to discuss students' advancement. These meetings serve to acknowledge strong application and provide guidance for those requiring additional support.

This robust reporting system underscores the significance of involving parents in their child's educational journey, fostering a collaborative approach between educators, parents, and students.

2023-24 Code of Conduct and Policies

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