Rockwell College


Principal's welcome

As Principal of Rockwell College, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the College website. This site contains detailed information about our College but I hope it will also give you a sense of the elements of Rockwell College that make it an exceptional educational experience for your son or daughter.

These important second level school years will be your child’s key formative years, where they make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime and where they learn so much about life and living inside and outside of the classroom.

The pupils of Rockwell College are educated in the Spiritan tradition with Spiritan Core Values including personal development, high educational standards and commitment to service featuring prominently in the organisation and management of the College. Our motto “Inter Mutanda Constantia” (retaining constant values in the midst of a changing world) has never been more important than in today’s fast-changing society. As our world changes, the need for respect, honesty, kindness and courage remain, and here at Rockwell College, we work to ensure your sons and daughters leave Rockwell College with the best foundation for life that we can impart. Our aim is to ensure students can fulfil their potential in whatever aspect of their lives they choose, be that through academic, sporting or cultural achievements. It is my role, in collaboration with the Trustees and Board of Management of Rockwell College, to ensure this potential is reached.

Our academic, sports, and residential teams take a genuine interest in the development of our students and work hard to prepare them for the next stages of their education and of their lives. Across all aspects of College life – in the classrooms, on the pitches, in the Refectories and in the Residence - the community that is Rockwell College works together to create a vibrant, warm and welcoming atmosphere in which all pupils thrive.

I look forward to welcoming you to Rockwell College to experience it for yourself and to see why Rockwell College has remained at the forefront of Irish education for over 150 years.

Audrey O’Byrne