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Welcome to Rockwell College Residence

Welcome to Rockwell College, a leading boarding school in Munster offering residential accommodation for boys and girls on a 7-day and 5-day basis. Boarding at Rockwell College offers students a home away from home while allowing students to maximise their potential by participating in a structured educational and extra-curricular environment. Boarders can avail of a strong academic, sporting and extra-curricular programme aimed at improving all aspects of a pupil’s development. 

Male boarders stay on-site in our Shanahan Hall Residence. Our female boarders stay with locally based host families who we have built strong relationships with throughout the years. 

Pupils from all over Ireland and from around the world choose Rockwell College for their second-level education. Our pupils travel from the U.K., Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Russia, U.S., Bahrain, Japan and Hong Kong. This diversity provides a unique environment for all pupils attending the College and is part of the College ethos of inclusivity. 

Our boarding facilities are spacious and modern, providing a comfortable and high-quality living space. Pupils develop both their independence and their sense of responsibility within the care and protection of the College and its staff. 

To view our residential facilities and College, contact Reception to arrange an appointment or use the Submit an Enquiry option on our home page. 

I look forward to welcoming you here. 

Michael Doyle - Residence Manager 


Boarders Council

The Council is made up of representative boarders from every year group and meets on a monthly basis with the Residence Manager. Boarders are nominated onto the council by their peers at the start of the year, and are expected to regularly chat with each other so that they can bring any suggestions or issues to the council meetings to be discussed.

This is an opportunity for the boarders to discuss with staff any suggestions or thoughts they have for. We value the input of all our boarders in the day to day running of the house, and the Boarders Council ensures that their opinions are valued and listened to.


Residence Staff

Mr.. Michael Doyle (Manager)

Mr. Eoghan Anderson

Mr. Conor Cashman

Mr. Pat O'Connor

Mr. John Bourke

Mr. Kevin O’Hora

Mr. Tim Carey

Mr. Raymond Merrigan

Ms. Rebecca Challis

Ms. Aoife Peters

Mr. Josh Pickering