Transition Year - Rockwell College, Secondary Boarding School

Transition Year Plan - Click to Download

Having completed Junior Cert at Rockwell College, secondary boys and girls boarding school, there is an option of participating in Transition Year. This year places an emphasis on the student’s growth in maturity and personal development, including social awareness and social competence.

The programme also includes the promotion of academic skills and self-directed learning in preparation for the Leaving Certificate cycle. Pupils sample modules of all Leaving Certificate subjects during T.Y., thus enabling them to make a clear, informed choice of subjects for the Leaving Certificate programme.

There is a full academic programme timetabled for TY pupils, with the content designed to introduce the pupils to those subjects at Leaving Certificate level.

The pupils also take modules such as “Toastmasters”, Film-making, Drama, and Self-Defence, on a rotation basis during the year.

The social development of our pupils is important. Support is given to a number of charities, most prominently the Hope Foundation. The Social Outreach programme involves pupils assisting in and visiting local schools and the elderly.

All pupils take the mandatory two week Work Experience period as required under DES guidelines for the Transition Year programme.

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