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Welcome to Shanahan Hall

Our esteemed boarding facility is designed to cater to up to 130 boys and girls aged 12 to 19. Beyond offering cozy living spaces, our boarders are treated to an array of amenities that truly enrich their stay. An in-house cinema promises hours of entertainment, indoor swimming pool, inviting game rooms spark friendly competition, and a well-equipped weights room supports their fitness journey. Moreover, the sprawling outdoor sporting and recreational facilities on our premises are at their disposal.

To ensure a harmonious experience, we've taken care to provide regulated internet access, allowing our boarders to stay connected while maintaining a healthy balance. At Shanahan Hall, we prioritize their comfort, growth, and well-being.

Boarders Information Handbook


Girls Boarding

Fostering Inclusivity and Comfort

Starting from September 2023, a significant milestone will be reached as Rockwell College takes the lead as Ireland's sole Catholic co-educational boarding establishment. In the heart of this transformative change lies Shanahan Hall, offering accommodations for up to 130 boys and girls. It's noteworthy that for over 35 years, girls have been an integral part of the Rockwell College community, seamlessly immersing themselves in both academic pursuits and extra-curricular engagements.

With the introduction of residential girls' boarding, a new chapter begins. Families contemplating Rockwell College for their children's education now have the remarkable opportunity to ensure that both their sons and daughters share in the complete boarding experience throughout their formative second-level education years. This progressive step underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive and enriching environment that nurtures holistic growth and shared experiences.

Girls Students in Hall

Accommodation Overview

Year By Year

Shanahan Hall's carefully tailored accommodations ensure a comfortable and age-appropriate environment for our boarders:

1st & 2nd Year: Boys find camaraderie in dorms with 4 beds, arranged in single units. Meanwhile, girls share twin rooms, fostering connections and companionship.

3rd Year: A new level of interaction emerges as boys share twin and triple rooms, while girls continue to bond within twin rooms.

4th & 5th Year: As students mature, boys share either twin rooms or relish the privacy of single rooms. Girls continue in their close-knit twin room arrangement.

6th Year: Celebrating their final year, boys are awarded single rooms, offering them space for introspection and focus. Girls, meanwhile, enjoy twin rooms that promote connection.

To uphold privacy and convenience, separate toilets and shower rooms cater to each age group. Shanahan Hall's dedication extends beyond housing to a range of exclusive facilities catering to boarders' needs. In recognition of the significance of staying connected, whether across the nation or continents, regulated internet access is available in all rooms. To ensure a safe and productive digital experience, stringent firewalls and measures are thoughtfully implemented.

students double room

On-site Services

Additional Information

Laundry and shopping: In consideration of our boarders' convenience and comfort, an on-site laundry service is available, for a fee. Additionally, during weekends, there are opportunities to procure essential items in nearby towns, ensuring that boarders have access to their needs.

Engaging Adventures and Outings: Throughout the year, an array of thoughtfully organised trips and excursions await our boarders. These outings not only entertain but also offer a chance to delve into local and national history and culture. Sample excursions encompass landmarks like Cahir Castle and Mitchelstown caves, as well as experiences such as exploring Kilkenny Castle and partaking in activities like paintballing, karting, ice-skating, and bowling.

Rejuvenating Boarders' Weekends: Approximately every three weeks, our Residence sets aside time for Boarders' Weekends. During these intervals, Irish residents have the opportunity to return home, fostering family connections. Meanwhile, our international students are accommodated by Host Families, carefully selected and vetted by Rockwell College. Many of these families maintain enduring ties with the College, exemplifying their commitment to providing exceptional Host Family care to our valued boarders.

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Weekends in Shanahan Hall

Seven Day Boarders

Weekends at Rockwell College offer a more relaxed pace, affording much-needed respite for our seven-day boarders. While embracing this break, maintaining a sense of routine is essential, and we offer a range of organised activities for boarders seeking engagement.


Saturday mornings bring compulsory study sessions from 10am to 12pm for 2nd to 6th-year students, while first years and overseas students have the option to attend English Language classes. The afternoon features a trip to the local town, allowing exploration and leisure. For those interested, Residence Staff coordinate weekend activities, including soccer, pool, and table football games and leagues. Alternatively, a supervised boarders' swim takes place on Saturday evenings, complemented by a collection of board games available in the common room.


Sundays begin with a collective attendance of mass for all boarders. Additionally, we arrange monthly excursions that provide opportunities to explore local and national history and culture. Sample outings encompass visits to sites like Cahir Castle, Mitchelstown Caves, and Kilkenny Castle, along with activities like paint-balling, karting, ice-skating, and bowling. Please note that these excursions incur separate charges, maintained as cost-effective as possible, with an encouraging call for all boarders to participate.


Boarding Parent Testimonial

"5 day boarding at Rockwell College offered our son great structure and consistency. Living at the school simplifies the weekday routine, saves commuting time, and fosters independence. Rockwell has very clear expectations and values. The teachers support and encourage students. We are happy that we chose Rockwell and would recommend it to other families considering boarding school.” PK, parent (2022).
Pastoral Care & Support for Day Pupils and Boarders

7:30am: Wake up call for boarders

8:00am: Breakfast

8:40am: Assembly for all pupils in designated Studies

8:50am: Classes start (3 periods x 40 minutes)

10:50am: Morning Break

11am: Classes continue (3 periods x 40 minutes)

1pm: Lunch served to all pupils

1:45pm: Classes continue (3 periods x 40 minutes)

3:45pm: Classes end

4:00pm: Extra-curricular programme for all pupils

5pm: Tea served

5:45pm: Supervised Evening Study

8:15pm: Evening Study finishes, Day Boarders leave for home. Supper for Boarders.

8:30pm: Boarders' Study

9:00pm: Boarders return to Residence - access to Common Rooms, TV Room, Weights Room, pitches.

10:30pm: Lights Out

Wednesday class finishes at 1 pm followed by sports programme. Study commences at 3:30pm*

Wednesday and Friday school days finish at 7:15pm*