Boys & Girls Boarding

Welcome to Rockwell College Residence

Welcome to Rockwell College, Ireland's only Catholic co-educational boarding school offering residential accommodation for boys and girls on a 7-day and 5-day basis. Boarding at Rockwell College offers students a home away from home while allowing students to maximise their potential by participating in a structured educational and extra-curricular environment. Boarders can avail of a strong academic, sporting and extra-curricular programme aimed at improving all aspects of a pupil’s development. 

Our boarders stay on-site in the Shanahan Hall Residence. Single rooms, twin and triple rooms and mini-dorms with 4 beds. This offers our boys and girls a sense of privacy and personal space within the boarding community 

Pupils from all over Ireland and from around the world choose Rockwell College for their second-level education. Our pupils travel from the U.K., Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Russia, U.S., Bahrain, Japan and Hong Kong. This diversity provides a unique environment for all pupils attending the College and is part of the College ethos of inclusivity. 

Our boarding facilities are spacious and modern, providing a comfortable and high-quality living space. Pupils develop both their independence and their sense of responsibility within the care and protection of the College and its staff. 

To view our residential facilities and College, contact Reception to arrange an appointment or use the Submit an Enquiry option on our home page. 

I look forward to welcoming you here. 

Michael Doyle - Residence Manager 


8:40am: Assembly for all pupils in designated Studies

8:50am: Classes start (3 periods x 40 minutes)

10:50am: Morning Break

11am: Classes continue (3 periods x 40 minutes)

1pm: Lunch served to all pupils

1:45pm: Classes continue (3 periods x 40 minutes)

3:45pm: Classes end

4:00pm: Extra-curricular programme for all pupils

5pm: Tea served

5:45pm: Supervised Evening Study

8:15pm: Evening Study finishes, Day Boarders leave for home.

*Wednesday class finishes at 1 pm followed by sports programme. Study commences at 3:30pm*

*Wednesday and Friday school days finish at 7:15pm*

Boarding School Residence

Shanahan Hall provides boarding facilities for 130 boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 19.  Boarders can also avail of an in-house cinema, games rooms and weights room, as well as access to the wide range of outdoor sporting and recreational facilities of the site. Regulated internet access is also available.



1st & 2nd Year: Boys share dorms of 4 beds in single units. Girls share twin rooms

3rd Year: Boys share twin and triple rooms. Girls share twin rooms.

4th & 5th Year: Boys share twin rooms or single rooms. Girls share twin rooms.

6th Year: Single rooms for all boys. Twin rooms for girls.

Shanahan Hall provides separate toilets and shower rooms for each age group. Students can enjoy a range of facilities for the use of boarders exclusively. As we recognise the importance of boarders (whether Irish or international) keeping in touch with home, regulated internet access is available in all rooms. Firewalls and other measures are in place to regulate activity.

students double room

On-site Services

An on-site laundry service, charged to the reserve fee, is also available for boarders and there are opportunities at the weekend to purchase essentials in local towns.

Trips and excursions are organised regularly throughout the year to entertain our boarders and to give them an opportunity to see some local and national history and culture. Sample excursions include Cahir Castle, Mitchelstown caves, Kilkenny Castle as well as paint-balling, karting, ice-skating and bowling.

Approximately every three weeks the Residence closes for a Boarders’ Weekend. Irish residents return home for this weekend and our overseas students are accommodated by Host Families. These families are selected and vetted by Rockwell College and in many cases have a long-standing relationship with the College in providing Host Family care to our boarders.

rec room wide angle

Pastoral Care & Support at Rockwell College

At Rockwell College, we are very fortunate in having a large number of adults to whom pupils and their families may turn if they feel something needs to be sorted out or if they have any suggestions. In the College and Residence, pupils’ views are sought and respected, regarding any matters relating to their lives within the school, both informally throughout the day-to-day contact with individual staff and more formally through discussion forums, or via Student Leadership.

There may be times when a pupil is facing difficulties or a boarder feels unhappy about being away from home. If this arises, then the most important thing to stress is that they should seek out an adult with whom they feel they can discuss it.

Our staff in the College and Residence are always available to talk if there are any concerns, be these about the College in general, or about managing life as a boarder. Most issues can be quickly and smoothly resolved. The concerns may be of a more serious nature, and of course, in such cases, the College Principal or Residence Manager may be consulted.

Girl's Accomodation

From September 2023, Rockwell College will be Ireland's only Catholic co-educational boarding facility, accommodating up to 130 boys and girls in Shanahan Hall. For more that 35 years, girls have attended Rockwell College and have integrated fully into the academic and extra-curricular life of the College. The establishment of residential girls' boarding means that families choosing Rockwell College can now ensure that their sons and daughters enjoy the full boarding experience together for their second level education.

Girls Students in Hall