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Admission Process & Application Forms

Rockwell College Admissions

To apply for enrolment at Rockwell College as a Day Pupil or 5/7-day Boarder for the September 2023 intake, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Application Form here or from the links provided below.
  2. Complete the form as instructed and return it according to the guidelines mentioned.

The Education (Admissions) Act 2020 has introduced changes to the application process for secondary schools, including Rockwell College, for the 2023 intake.

Prospective First Year Day Pupils:

Applications will be accepted after October 3rd of the preceding year – that is, in October of 6th Class.

Prospective First Year Boarding Pupils:

Applications will be accepted after October 3rd two years prior to the intended entry – that is, in October of 5th Class.

IMPORTANT: The application deadline for First Year 2023, to be considered within the admissions criteria, is November 4th, 2022. Applications received after this date will be processed on a first-come first served basis.

The Rockwell College Admissions Notice for the 2023-24 academic year outlines the Application and Decision dates for First Year entry in 2023. The updated 2023 Admissions Notice, along with the Admissions Policy, can be accessed here.

Entry Beyond First Year:

For applicants seeking entry into year groups other than First Year, or for those re-enrolling at the College, Rockwell College requests that you submit two school reports alongside your application. Additionally, in the case of boarding applicants, it's requested that both the applicant and their parents are willing to meet with the management. This assessment, whether in-person or remote, aids in evaluating the suitability of the applicant for boarding school.

The Rockwell College Admissions Policy has been revised in line with the Education (Admissions) Act 2020.


Rockwell College, a distinguished institution catering to both day pupils and boarders at the secondary school level, operates as a fee-charging, voluntary boarding school. These fees constitute the primary revenue stream for Rockwell College, enabling us to exceed the staffing allocation provided by the Department of Education. These funds are essential for employing additional teaching staff, as well as professionals in administration, nursing, catering, maintenance, and coaching. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing our College grounds, buildings, and facilities.

Information Handbooks and Policies

Girl Boarders Information Handbook 2020-2021 Boarders Information Handbook 2020-2021 TY Application Procedures

2023-24 Calendar and Booklists

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