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Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle curriculum at Rockwell College offers our students a comprehensive selection of subjects, including English, Irish, Maths, Business, Science, History, Geography, Religion, and Well-being (encompassing PE, CSPE, and SPHE).

Additionally, before commencing their studies, students select a Modern Foreign Language from Block 1 and a Practical subject from Block 2.

Block 1: Spanish, French, or German.

Block 2: Visual Art, Music, Graphics, or Home Economics.

Transition Year

Upon completion of the Junior Cert at Rockwell College, students have the option to engage in Transition Year (T.Y.). This pivotal year centers around fostering students' maturity, personal growth, and social competence, while raising awareness of societal issues.

The program also hones academic prowess and self-directed learning, prepping students for the challenges of the Leaving Certificate cycle. During T.Y., students get hands-on experience with modules across all Leaving Certificate subjects, aiding them in making informed choices for their Leaving Certificate program. Most subjects remain mandatory, including the continuation of the Modern Foreign Language from the Junior Cycle.

Transition Year pupils follow a comprehensive academic timetable that familiarizes them with subjects at Leaving Certificate level. Additionally, students rotate through modules such as "Toastmasters," Film-making, and Sports Science throughout the year.

We value our students' social and personal development. They actively contribute to charitable initiatives, notably supporting the Hope Foundation. Our pupils also engage in Global Citizenship Education and the TY Personal Development program. Fulfilling the DES guidelines, all students participate in a mandatory two-week Work Experience period, an integral part of the Transition Year journey.

Leaving Certificate

In the Senior Cycle at Rockwell College, students embark on the Leaving Certificate journey by undertaking seven subjects. Following Department of Education directives, English, Mathematics, and Irish are mandatory selections. Subsequently, pupils have the liberty to choose four more subjects from our Option Blocks.

For comprehensive information on all available subjects, please refer to the subject booklet provided below.

Parents and prospective Senior Cycle entrants are invited to our  Subject Choice Information Event on Thursday 21st March 2024 at 6:30pm.

Book Lists 2023-24

Rockwell College booklists 2023-24 below.

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Schoolbooks can be ordered for delivery to Rockwell College in September.

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