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In choosing Rockwell College, you are choosing a school with a reputation for success. We offer a broad curriculum, combined with our unparalleled range of on-site facilities, where our pupils develop a strong foundation for their future, ensuring that each student can reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

Our academic, sports, and residential teams take a genuine interest in the development of our students and work hard to prepare them for the next stages of their education and of their lives. The daily College programme benefits our students by providing a home away from home, and giving the reassurance of a well structured, fulfilling and balanced day. Our college motto “Inter Mutanda Constantia” (retaining constant values in the midst of a changing world) has never been more important than in today’s fast-changing society. As our world changes, the need for respect, honesty, kindness and courage remain and here at Rockwell College, we work to ensure your sons and daughters leave Rockwell College with the best foundation for life that we can impart.

Rockwell Calendar 2023-24 Rockwell Booklist 2023-24

Holiday Calendar

Rockwell College Calendar 2023-2024

Please Note: This calendar is subject to change. Parents will be notified via text message of any changes to the dates above. The calendar does not include days to be taken from term holidays if days are lost due to weather closures. These dates are prescribed by the Department of Education and Skills.

Boarders are reminded to check the Boarders’ Weekends and term holidays above. Boarders from overseas should not arrive back to Ireland earlier than the dates indicated as supervision may not be possible.

2023-2024 Calendar available here: Calendar 2023-24 Final 


Academic Reports

Parents are informed of students’ behaviour and progress periodically throughout the academic year. Term assessment results, percentages and comments are posted home at Christmas and Summer after in-house examinations.

Periodic Assessments are issued via the VSWare College administration system, informing students and their parents of their progress and behaviour in each individual subject class. Each report is reviewed by their Year Dean.

Reporting on your child’s progress is important in order to maintain connected to their learning and progress. In addition to contact with Year Deans, parents will receive the following feedback:

  • School Journal: staff will use the school journal for feedback on test results or low-level disciplinary matters. Teachers can ask a child to bring a particular message to parents' attention via the School Journal.
  • Term Reports: After Christmas and Summer tests (and Mock Exams for 6th and 3rd Year) Rockwell College issues Term Reports with comments from teachers on your child’s progress.
  • Periodic Assessments: Throughout the school year, Periodic Assessment Notes will be issued via VSWare. These are brief reports that identify your child’s application in a subject rather than the grade or percentage received. They are followed by meetings with the Year group to discuss pupils’ progress, to affirm strong application and guide those underperforming.

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